Frost Free Windshield - Never scrape your windshield again!
Do you want to save on gas? I have designed a nylon cover that goes over your windshield; It is attached above the windshield to the roof with magnets and below the windshield to the hood of your car with more magnets. The sides fold into the passenger & driver's door to guard against theft. If you park outside and have to either scrape your windshield, or just start up the car until the windshield defrosts, then this cover is for you. Just take it off, toss it in the trunk and drive off. These covers keep frost and snow off of your windshield.
Now if you start your car and let it idle for 10 minutes while you go back inside, and you do this 5 days a week, you go through one gallon of gas; that's $3.50! These covers wholesale from the manufacturer for $20.00 plus tax, for a total of $21.00. $21.00 divided by $3.50 equals 6 weeks; that's right, after 6 weeks, the covers pay for themselves and in Maine we all know what winter is about 20 weeks long! If you are a company with many service vehicles that are parked outside, this is a great way to save on that fleet's gas bill.
Also, being an ex-volunteer FIREMAN/EMT who parked my Jeep outside, this is the best for that call that comes in at 2:00AM. I didn't have to waste valuable time scraping my windshield. Because of this cover, many times I was first on scene, which could potentially saved someone's life.
The covers are handmade of heavy duty nylon with a waterproof finish, and are warrantied against the magnets falling out or the material ripping. Also, they fit most vehicles, from a Ford F-350 to a Mini Cooper. Because of the magnets, these covers don't work on fiberglass, like a Corvette. These covers are manufactured in Kennebunk, Maine.
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